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New Shows, New Movies i got overwhelmed with so much.

Date: 3/1/21 - time: 9:23pm
Yes with so much movies i am overwhelmed with so much movies i have to post. I mean don't get me wrong but its become a whole lot. Since some of the reviews are so small i may have to bunch a few together and clean up some pages. But it just depends how i feel about that issue. I just think i have like a tons of pages that have maybe a small reviews about the movie or shows and then a huge gap. will see how i decide to do it. But i put in Ginny and Georgia a new show on netflix and its good if you haven't seen it. you need to see it cause its good.. check it out!!

I Honestly Had No More Time

Date:2/2/21 - time:11:32
It's getting late and im getting sleepy and ready for bed lol. But Honestly i am alive. If you didn't read my Blog Then you have no idea that I lost my cousin to Covid 19. On the 6th of January.. My birthday was th 5th of January and not something i wanted to hear at that moment. He was the youngest and didn't want to go to the hospital because he was sick. Little did he know he had covid. Its so horriable to hear anyone that hits so close to home. Lifes to short. So i took a long break! I watched movies here and there and I added 5. But in a couple of weeks you will be seeing things move here and there. Because im going to be Putting things in ABC order. I know what a headache.. I may make the list all in one im not sure and then in the end of each review i will tell you where they are located at where u can watch things for free or if you may have to pay.. Everything is just everywhere.. I also updated this layout and really hope u like it. Im not done i am now working on a background to add on here. Well talk to you guys soon!!

Hello Movie Lovers

Date:12/27/20 - Time:5:36pm Mood:Im Doing ok!!
Hey Movie Lovers i been around updating and putting new things up. Also did this wonderful layout lol. Its ok not the best but i do love this green. So hope everyones Christmas was Amazing. I will be adding new movies later on today..ttysoon

Whats New? It's beginning to look like Christmas

12/05/20 - 10:37
It is super cold outside and i am here editing for you guys. I have a couple of series to add and some movies i watched over the weekend when i was gone to Florida. But I'm back home and ready to update. This one is probably the most updated website i own right now lol. So what do you think of this new layout? im kinda loving it right now. I love the two colors combined and it looks so pretty. I'll have to screen shot this one and save it. Anyways Just wanted to let you know that i will be updating this website for the rest of the night cause i got stuff to add.. ;)..