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A Girl in the River

So more then a 1,000 in women and children are killed in Pakistan by their father or relative. This is sad the fact that this is in another country and they can do this to their own kids is pretty sad. They claim its a relgion but in realty its more then that. How dare they do this to their kids, and wife they can't choose to marry the love of there life. This is Very real indead and pretty horriable.

So they find a girl in the river throw her like she was trash. She finds away to get her self out of the lake and finds a gas station and calls for help.

If you have a chance watch it. its sad. but i don't think she died i think she lived to tell the story. but its so sad. They don't have a voice really. But yea you have to really sit there and watch it cause they don't talk english so..

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