Hello Movie Lovers

Date:12/27/20 - Time:5:36pm Mood:Im Doing ok!!

Hey Movie Lovers i been around updating and putting new things up. Also did this wonderful layout lol. Its ok not the best but i do love this green. So hope everyones Christmas was Amazing. I will be adding new movies later on today..ttysoon

Whats New? It's beginning to look like Christmas

12/05/20 - 10:37

It is super cold outside and i am here editing for you guys. I have a couple of series to add and some movies i watched over the weekend when i was gone to Florida. But I'm back home and ready to update. This one is probably the most updated website i own right now lol. So what do you think of this new layout? im kinda loving it right now. I love the two colors combined and it looks so pretty. I'll have to screen shot this one and save it. Anyways Just wanted to let you know that i will be updating this website for the rest of the night cause i got stuff to add.. ;)..