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So have you ever sat down and said wow i wasted 5 secounds of my life watching this movie. What was i thinking?? I have done that plenty of times and im like omg i can't believe this movie is so boring lol. Well im here to change that im here to watch these movies for you so you do not have to.

I Know there is tons and tons of people who review movies but do they really give thier honest opinion? i mean cause if you ask me some of the movies i have read up on, I ended up really enjoying it. Infact there has some movies that ended up being my favorite of all time.

Sure there is some really bad acting in some of the movies and some that omg what did i just watch lol. Seriously we know that there has been some movies like that. But have no fear cause I Promise you that i will watch whatever boring movie out there to let you know if its good or not. i'll squeeze my time to give you an honest review on things.

So with that, Please if you have suggestions on a movie list that you want me to check out just hit up the suggestion form and i review what ever movie or tv show you are curious about.

If not thats ok, I try and update Almost everyday with new things for you to find ;).. Have a great day and thank you for stoping by ;)...