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My Little Review

First most i want to say i was a little disapointed on how the cast looked nothing like selena and her family. The Girl that played Selena looked nothing like her at all and it was poor choosing these people who played them. How ever The Girl thats playing selena, Sometimes it makes you think she is black girl with her hair. The only time she looked like her was when she had a hat on. ok ok besides that I was kind of iffy about watching it cause when someone doesn't look like the achual person i kind want to turn away from a series like that. It also remind me alot like the "Movie". This one is showing you how she was born in the 70's and how her mom got the name "Selena" and how she become who she was. Selena the movie i can be honest here i watched that movie about 1000 plus i know all the scenes by heart. When i was younger i bought all her magazines and loved her music. Even though some of it i didn't understand what she was saying. As a kid i really didn't know who she was but i can remember watching it on the news how it went down. It was sad that she died so fast. I think now that im older how would she be now. It seems to me that she got extermely BIG when she died. So lets get back to this series.
So i sat down and gave this series a chance and it was hard to watch cause the people that played the family didn't look nothing like them. I achually liked it. So now i can't wait to see part 2..Im glad i gave it a chance and i mean if you can by pass the people and just understand the story line then thats good too. So if you have a chance pick up on the series. What do you got to loose? Probably nothing.