Things That are NEW!!

11/24/20 - 11/24/20

So i added a comment on some of the movies and series so if you want to comment on a movie and put your two cents in you are more then welcome to comment on them. ;) i like to hear your opinion..

Heya whats up?

7:33pm 11/23/20

Hey whats up? Once again i had to move some links around and i changed the whole layout again lol. The other one i had it since oct 29th so it was time for something new. I love the colors on this one and just got done setting it up.Hope you all like it :)..ttyl

Please STOP!!

Someone keeps reporting my netflix folders and all the pages. Ive worked so hard on them web pages and someone to report anything i post is driving me crazy. I have your IP logged everytime you come to this website i will block you or put a password protected on the folder if this keeps going on.
PLEASE STOP. they are Just reviews there is not virus on any of the pages..

Hey Yall

11/19/20 - 8:59pm

So i will update this weekend and up till maybe thurday i don't know and then i will be off for a week after that and will get to this website as soon as i can. But for now im going to update and put some new stuff up. now u can find the cbox link to you right at the bottom of the bottom link.. ttyl

Whats New?

11/18/20 - 2:15am

When you got So many sites to update you always forget just one or you get to the point to where u either forget or you get lazy on what to add lol. ugh i know what was i thinking LOL to own a bunch of sites. I honestly thought different things i wanted to do and couldn't remember if i should do this or what in one or made another site for this and that lol. I'll have to leave my other websites on here so you guys can check them out. Anywho i really didn't add much. The only thing i did was Organize the links so they didn't look like i didn't care where they are lol. But some links are not orgnazied and just taking my time about editing them. So with that i added one Movie called "GreenLand" its really really good. So check it out if you can.!!

I am around!

11/12/2020 - 1:19am

I just got my First Affie Heart Bliss.. Wahoo want to get more Affies cause i have like just one. i hadn't really looked since i try to update this domain before all my other sites. Im taking a little break but i am still watching movies. Right now im taking up on a series i found out that i do like so far its called "His Dark Materials". Review coming soon! also some movies are coming soon! be back in a couple of days. talk soon!!

What I added


Credit Page is done, i still have more to add on there.
xoxo page is done, I added a bunch of pages in there and have added the cbox link there. Incase you where wondering.
12 pages in the hulu-movies pages- but not done some pages don't work so still working on that page.
12 Pages of hulu shows. Still working on it though..
5 pages of apple tv shows for kids. Still not done with that one..
10 pages of apple doc's due check that out.
I added a Shit load of Pages for Regular Movies and they all work.
13 pages for regular tv. They all work. Those took forever to do..
12 Pages of New Movies. Ive decided that i wont review tv shows but you will get a youtuve video on what the tv show is about.It's a lot for one person..
Disney Movies will be coming soon as i really hope that it does. It just like wow i did so many pages soon!!

Whats New?

10/29/20 5pm

Hey whats up? Just Trying to update and move stuff around to make the site look decent. I had another layout but removed it because i wasn't feeling it and then just finished this one and like this one ten times better then the last one. but this looks decend and easy on the eyes lol. i spend all night messing with the code and i finally just gave up at 4am and went to sleep lol. Oh well i finally figured it out. Had to look up a lot of different codes and etc to get how i wanted it. what a pain though lol. All Pages are going to go up in the past few days. Everything else will fall into place. Will see how i feel though! thanks for stopping by!!