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Murder In The Vineyard

Rated: 6.6 out of 10 with 60 votes.
A woman tries to protect her teenage daughter when she becomes the target of anonymous bullies.

My Little Review

I thought it was going to be like a lifetime movie but guess not. Ok back to this review. But it starts off to where a girl is being taken by someone but doesn't show who. So then it goes back to 3 weeks earlier. Mom and daughter are at somewhere looking at some stuff and someone is looking at her and taking pictures but she never looks around where she is at. Her mom has a date and is happy and her daughter is with her friends. Someone is staring at her in the window and is also taking pictures of her. Scary!
Mother notices that someone is looking in her window.
Boys can become obsessed with someone they really like. But so those bullies when they think you stoled there boyfriends. Yup beware kids.

My Rating:6.8
Highly Recomend YES, Must watch..
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