PineApple Dream♥

Song Bird

During a pandemic lockdown, Nico, a young man with rare immunity, must overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful family to reunite with his love, Sara.

My Little Review

When i saw the cover on this one and my first thought was that it looked like maybe a love story. So i went on youtube and i saw the previews and i was like ahh finally i don't know why i love these kind of movies but i guess it shows us how to survive in realty and everthing thats happening forreal. ok it has that guy kj app something like that lol. but i like him he came on riverdale and now hes in a movie. well hes been in a couple of them so i know this one is gonna be good. So back to this movie. Still watching...its been pretty good so far.. check it out if u want to..