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The Rules

What rules? I know but we got to follow them regardless of where we live thats just A part of life. Just some Little Rules for you to remember.

1.My Site has no Viruses (note: when i put this the last time I didn't think people would report my website that had that. Use common sense, My site doesn't but in order to watch new movies i might leave a link to where i watch it and i don't know if some of those websites may have virues or not. So its just a warning thats all. I try and find sites that don't have any popups but it happenswhen you watch a free movie here and there..

Hope you all understand that above^^

2.Please Understand that some of the urls may be urls that just help me pay the internet and it helps pay for this website. Just wanted to Inform you with that so, They are all safe urls its just helps with bills..

3.Please Let things Load because if its a long list it will take a while to load.

4.Please remember what ever information i give you, its just my opinion on the movie and honest one. You don't have to take my word for it, if you want you can wast 5 secounds of your life and watch it lol..

5.Please Be kind and leave me a message on the cbox and if you want to become Affies Just ask, im fine with accpting anyone ;)..

I just needed to make sure i uploaded these again and make sure you are always welcome to share your opinion and comment and leave feedback. But i also want ya'll to understand the rules on here so that ew do not get mix up and do something wrong. Have a great day or night..